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Recently, WebRTC has become more preferred because of the deficiencies in the protocol support of browser-based applications. WebRTC provides real-time communication over peer-to-peer protocol. WebRTC protocol needs two browser client to communicate. Highly Available Janus Gateway easily configured and deployed on Kubernetes cluster. In the following architecture, if any of the Kubernetes Node fails, one of any other Kubernetes Node will take all responsibility. This allows us to build an Active-Passive High Availability Clustering architecture.

OpenVPN & Kubernetes


Connecting applications or machines to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a commonly used method to make secure communications between two networks. Note that, described solution is not part of site to site VPN solutions. Also, the solution is directly deployed on Bare Metal Kubernetes with OpenVPN Client. While we redirect all of our Kubernetes' Pods network traffic through a specific OpenVPN Server, we protect our Kubernetes Networking.

First of all, every pod in your cluster can connect different VPN Serves. The most important side of this solution is the flexibility to manage your resources without managing persistent OpenVPN Client

Today’s systems depends on multiple services with multiple back-ends. Also, in micro-service architecture, there are multiple services that front-end have to be communicate. This problem can be solved with multiple domain and multiple SSL bind to them but there is a solution that require less cost and maintenance over domains and their SSLs.

When handling lots of clients and lots of services, we have to use more reliable and highly available tools in our infrastructure. Kubernetes and HAProxy one of the most reliable and highly available tools in industry. Following architecture help you to reduce managing these connections.


This architecture…

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